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S-Metalltech 98, Ltd.

S-Metalltech 98, Ltd.

Main Activity: 

Application development of bulk superconductors, magnetic separators; demonstrators.

  • Description:
    In the absence of webpage, the company profile is summarized here.  S-Metalltech 98, Ltd was founded in 1998 with the aim of setting up a flexible research-development-production base of special materials and components for electrical engineering. Examples are:

    The company provides a link between universities, research institutions and industrial enterprises.  It is involved in: R&D, education & training, and in manufacturing.  A technological R&D workshop for universities and enterprises is thus offered.  In the area of HTS superconductivity, it is involved in design and construction of demonstrators for test and educational purposes, such as superconducting fault current limiter, flywheel, levitation force measuring equipment.  S-Metalltech 98, Ltd is currently located at the Budapest University of Technology and Economy(BUTE).  Its R&D work and manufacturing are performed under contracts.  Partners are:

    • bi- and multilayer cladded metal sheets, strips, wires and component  parts
    • metal-ceramic and metal-metal composite rods, wires and formed   parts
    • metal-sheathed ceramic (HTS) superconducting rods, strips, rings and other  bulks.
    • in electrical design: SuperTech Laboratory of BUTE,
    • in mechanical design: BUTE, National Technical University of Athens,
    • in high-energy-rate-forming (HERF) techniques: Institute for Military Sciences (Budapest, Hungary),
    • in testing and analysis: Institute of Materials Science and Technology (BAYATI, Budapest), National Technical University of Athens,  University of Veszprém (Veszprém, Hungary),
    • in education and training: Technical University of Budapest,  Technical University of Athens,  University of Veszprém.
András Szalay
Position or Affiliation: 

1538. Budapest, Pf. 502. Hungary

+36 30 440 7273
+36 1 463 1309
Category 3.0 - Bulk Superconductors
Category 12.0 - Other Supporting Activities
Class 3 - Industry
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